Feminine magic - Freya, the wise

In the ancient Scandinavian myths, the best known of all the independent and goddesses was beautiful Freya. Unfortunately, they have not survived too many stories about the goddess of fortune telling and sexual independence.

While Freya is not mentioned as a goddess of the moon, many of its attributes connects the Black and full moons. His car was thrown into battle by cats, which was formerly known as the lady of the cats. He was also the leader of the Valquirias and could change its shape. The women of wisdom, the seers, who threw the runes and healers, were closely linked with this admirable goddess.

Freya could travel to any of the worlds and return with prophecies. Among the Scandinavians, this magical ability is called "seidr", a form of sorcery, divination and trance that, firstly, it was a mystical art female.

Although tradition suggests that runes originated with Freya and were used by their priestesses, magic seidr was much more than that: practice of changing forms and astral travel through the Nine Worlds, magic, sexual healing, curses and other techniques.

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