Beryl to unlock the future

This stone is a strong mineral, as it not only provides protection, it also generates optimism and joy. But he also had a very specific use magic, it is used as a crystal ball or as a white mirror to see the future. This form of employment was linked to the fourth growing of the moon.

For all of these powers, the beryl is ideal for generating faith in oneself and renew energy. Therefore, if the pessimism prevents it from new projects and address feels he is going to have a bad year, get a stone beryl. The day January 14 (Fourth Growing in Aries, which means destrabe and implementation of all the things they were arrested), you should wash the stone with sea water (if it is difficult to obtain, use water with salt).

Place the stone with water in a glass of blue glass and take it to his desk lamp. Every night for fifteen days, before switching off the light to sleep, take the glass with his two hands and concentrate on all the things he wants to achieve, as well as others that want to eliminate from your life (fears, weakness, insecurity, lack of initiative, discouragement, physical fatigue). Think about your future as something bright and full of promises to be fulfilled.

Then, leave the glass on the table and turn off the light. That the beryl is his last vision before falling asleep. Repeat this every night ceremony on January 31 and pull the water down the drain in the kitchen. Wash the stone and glass with water from the faucet. Keep your beryl from personal belongings to always protect him.

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