Governed by Mars "An explosive character"

This kind of anxious is pure action. Not at all introverted, expressed fury at the first provocation. However, they often try to contain. Has trouble mastering their impulses and it is rare that much thought before making a decision.

What it creates anxiety
You get nervous when you try to control their reactions and do not get. If left dominated by anger and fears overstated. If mastered, his mind is disturbed by going against their nature.

Exercise to be calm
The only thing you must do to avoid the anxiety putting it in a tight spot, is a bit slow speed in everything he does. If it is determined to embark on a new project, do it, but slowly. That will allow you to learn to reflect.

The remedy: flowers Beech
Bach is a flower that helps overcome the aggressiveness. If it is determined to take it, follow exactly the recipe instructions. Bach flowers are available in pharmacies and shops naturists.

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