Governed by Mercury "Pure enthusiasm"

The constant change and transformation are part of their nature. His enthusiasm is contagious. It's intuitive and quick to understand the weaknesses of his interlocutor. Takes decisions in the last minute. Always seems unconcerned, but is constantly thinking about what to do to maximize every opportunity that is presented.

What it creates anxiety
Inconstancy it generates its own anguish and insecurity. This dispersion of power is the obstacle that prevents it from realizing goals that require commitment (to get married, bear a significant responsibility, choosing a career). Before crucial decisions, he does not know what direction to choose.

A harmonization exercise
The deployment of energy that makes it exposes suffer sudden tiredness. To celebrate reequili-energy, lie flat on the floor with his eyes closed. Abandónese, imagining that is nestled in a burrow or a nest.

Remedy: Phosphorus
This substance homeopathy can help achieve greater stability and to be more specific in its objectives. It is advisable to take five grains, three times daily for a month.

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