Governed by Jupiter, "I can with everything"

You always know what to do. It is strong, direct, natural leader. It has the habit of organizing the lives of others. The fantasy is not for you, no plans, no dreams; acts. As a parent, always knows what is best for their children. As a boss, never delegated. In her house always has the last word.

What it creates anxiety
Always afraid of losing authority. Hates to be questioned and I get very nervous to oppose their plans or desires. If his son decides to choose a career or a job that does not conform to their projects, although the anxiety. Similarly, if an employee feels threatened him making too many initiatives. His Achilles heel is the rigidity. You have to learn to trust each other and to renounce its desire to control everything.

Exercise Self
The excessive rationality affects you through headaches and neck aches. You can also hinder their movement. Must change its attitude. Aim not be as critical. Repeat every day: "Do not judge me not to judge others."

The remedy: Nux vomica
Can combat resistance to change with this substance homeopathy. It advisable to have a five pellets, three times a day.

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