Mancia - Magic and future in the cards

• Letters Spanish and French deck. Tool to protect ourselves from possible mishaps or links to yours. Warn of future relations that will be of great importance.

• Tarot. Is directly related to the 22 trails of the Tree of Life, hiding in each letter a trail and a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The Tarot of Marseille, the Egyptian or Spanish are very similar. Aims to help people to get to know themselves.

• Oracle Viking. Guessing game with Neavvobumbá, through which teachers of the northern tribes taught his disciples the great mysteries of consciousness. They are small pieces of wood that have a triple nature: shape, number and picture. Each of them has a meaning and are contained in a cloth bag.

• Letters numerológicas. To learn qualities, shortcomings, feelings and experiences of each individual, according to his table numerológico. The purpose is to reveal the vibration that is received for material success and spiritual fulfillment.

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