Forms of healing explained

• Reiki. It is a system of spiritual and physical healing that arises in Japan earlier this century. "Rei" is light, the consciousness that supports each person, the creative power of the universe that is "ki". This practice tunes consciously universal force that through a person who is guided by your wisdom and intuition.

• Healing with stones. It is the art of healing through the properties of the crystals and gems. The application of precious and semiprecious stones on the chakras or energy centers which aims at the mercy of its vibrational pattern, balancing our energy system.

• Elixirs. Through a process that consists in the energy burden of rocks exposed to the sun inside a container of water and helped with conscious meditative practices resulting in the so-called "gem elixirs or glass," as appropriate. The variety of these preparations are a source of new cures for a number of types of mood disorders.

• Massages. There is great variety: Shiatsu, metamorphic, therapeutic and energy.

• Kirlian Photos. Displaying the Auric field. Detection and diagnosis of diseases through the aura of lightness.

• Meditation planetary healing. Invocations to the Archangel Raphael.

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