Obstruction of the fallopian tubes

There is a possibility of an infection, suffered during or after the first birth, or other diseases such as endometriosis, which have led to the fallopian tubes before permeable, were blocked and prevent the passage of sperm.

In these cases, practice a histerosalpingografía, which is to introduce a contrast to see if the tubes are clogged. Also, the gynecologist may do a laparoscopy, making a tiny cut in the area under the navel and inserting a general anestecia optics that allows you to view internal organs. Through the vagina, it becomes a liquid reach the uterus of color to see if it goes through the tubes and reach the abdominal cavity.

By laparoscopy can also be detected endometriosis, a disease quite common cause of infertility, which causes an abnormal growth (misplaced) of the mucosa that covers the inside of the uterus and can affect, among other bodies, tubes and ovaries.

At present, many doctors are not in favor of intervening surgically desobstruir the tubes and to advise women to undergo in vitro fertilization treatment, as the operation involves risks and causes costs and time, while only succeeds pregnancy at no more than 25 to 35 percent of patients operated. In vitro fertilization offers similar results, but does not require general anesthesia or intervention, so that the expenses and time are reduced, and postoperative discomfort disappear.

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