Oral contraceptives and medical

There are some medications that can interfere with the normal intestinal absorption level of birth control pills or who, after entering the body, can block its action. In those cases did not meet the contraceptive effect may be searched and unwanted pregnancy.

• Among the psychotropic drugs, barbiturates are not consistent at all with oral contraceptives. Must be sought an alternative method. The same is true with other minor tranquilizers, except benzodiazepine derivatives.

• A drug used in treating tuberculosis, Rifampicin, decreases the effectiveness of low-dose pills. So it should be replaced by others with higher doses.

• Certain antibiotics such as penicillin and its derivatives, as well as tetracycline, may decrease the absorption of the tablets in bowel.
Monthly in this section, we will identify, in each case, the alternatives. But if any reader has the urge to tell if the medication you are taking in prolonged treatment can interfere with a contraceptive, with taste we will respond by mail about your particular case.

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