Techniques to breastfeed and give milk

The appropriate technique
In general there is no need to put lotions or creams on the nipples or areola, as these products can injure the glands of Montgomery, essential to avoid injuries or infections. In the Nordic countries, where breastfeeding is common practice for most moms, they make no preparation before delivery, just keep the breasts with bodices that are adapted to the changes. Moreover, when they can, expose their breasts to the sun so that the nipple acquire the plasticity necessary for good breastfeeding.

A good technique will help the baby to draw without difficulty:

• The demand for free food is the most convenient. The baby has to suck when you're hungry. Although it is not advisable to spend more than four hours without eating, because the decrease in blood sugar can damage it.

• At first, to stimulate lower
milk, it is best to place the baby roughly every two hours. This is important to do in the first ten or fifteen days.

• The time of each shot will vary between five and twenty minutes. At each will begin to breastfeed with last chest that was given in the previous one. It is advisable to take the two of the same amount of time, which should monitor how many minutes used in the baby food. That figure is divided by two and that's the time that you'll be offered each breast.

• If the mother fails to remove the baby from the teat, you can use your finger boy and placed in the mouth. In this way the little that will stop sucking chest and may well move to another.

• The position of the baby at the time of feeding is a factor to be reckoned with. We face the chest and must be firmly fastened and safety, always watching her mother. The common position so the baby's looking at the ceiling is ideal for taking the bottle, but not to breastfeed.

• To avoid damaging the nipple, we must not allow the baby to play with him. Moreover, it is important that you enter in your mouth not only the nipple but the areola. In this way suckle properly and draw a good volume of milk.

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