Quartz crystal to heal the spirit

Also known as Agua de Plata, this stone is very popular in the realm of magic. Increases personal power and promotes healing. Protects pregnant women and many use it as an amulet, as it encourages breast-feeding.

To maintain the serenity of spirit in difficult times, you can harness the energy of the quartz crystals. To do this
do the following:

• Get several small crystals and a round wooden container. (It can be a source or a tray).

• Cover the bottom of the container with sand.

• Take the crystals and place them on the sand with the tips facing up.

• On the night of January 6 (New Moon), bring the tray to the elements, to absorb the energy mole.

• Leave overnight. The next day, remove the source and clean the windows, plunge into a glass container filled with salt water. Remaining there for 24 hours. Then dry with a clean cloth and hand out the windows throughout the house, at different sites.

Keep one for yourself, who will serve as an amulet staff throughout the month. It can carry in a pocket, purse or hung on the neck.

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