Reflexology therapies to heal

The headache, low back pain and loss of sexual desire, among other things, can be treated and cured in a natural and easy through the energy points which are in the soles of the feet. The Reflexology is a series of self-massage that are performed according to a technique, pushing the centers of collection, storage and distribution of energy, to restore balance, health and vitality.

For these massages are effective it is necessary to know the location of points you will handle and how to do it. The shape of the foot massage is basic, ie, common to all cases. If you want to cure a headache, for example, we must place the finger on a specific part of the foot and do the basic massage.

This is joined different aromatic oils (which are used at the time of the massage) and essential oils (to the bathroom before the massage of the feet), both vary according to place of the body on which we want to influence. The methodology is simple and takes a long time not only must keep track and locate the specific energy of the foot.

Why the feet?
There are reasons that make your feet in the area of the body more sensitive, especially with regard to pain. We must consider the pain as a voice of alarm from the body and a true guardian of health. Through the sensitivity of the foot can face the pain, conquered and feel good.

The feet are more sensitive to pain for one simple reason; while anywhere on the body, there are 30 receivers per square centimeter of skin on the feet are more than 200. Another reason is that in the cerebral cortex extending the sensitive area that lies at the feet is surprisingly broad, especially when compared with other areas (legs, arms, abdomen, etc.). That, while possessing a greater surface area, possess a minor stroke.

For these reasons, the feet, besides being considered the biggest store of energy in the human body, is also notable for being the most sensitive to treat all kinds of pains.

Preparation of the hands and feet
While the center of reflexology are the feet, hands are equally important. An appropriate concentration of power in their hands, especially in the fingers, and a massage done correctly allow activate the healing energy that is at their feet. Therefore, before carrying out a self-massage, it is very important to make a good preparation for the hands and feet. Both will begin preparations with the side
Right from the body.

* The Hands
First and foremost, your hands must be previously layadas. When they are dry, they should move the palms and rubbing faced during about two minutes. Then, you must stretch finger by finger, taking it from the knuckle and pulling gently upward.

Once the first two steps, you should take your fingers into the palm of the hand and, without forcing backwards. This procedure is performed three times with each finger. To complete the preparation of hand, we have to take, finger by finger, from the beginning of the nail and rotate it gently from side to side to loosen well.

* The Pies
Before starting the auto-massage, you should have been made before a foot bath. This is done in a tub or other place where your feet can be placed comfortably with the plant down and the water that reaches the ankles.

For the foot bath using warm water and essential oils, which are specific to each case. There they rested their feet for 15 minutes (if you are 20, best) and then retire and dry with a towel smooth texture. It should not be any remaining water, so it is necessary to move the towel between finger and thumb and the birth of her fingernails.

Once the bathroom is rubbing the palms of the hands (previously prepared) on the soles of the feet, for two minutes each. Then stretch your toes, one by one and at least. As it has done with the hands, rotate, since the birth of the nail, from side to side, while continuing to wipe the foot with the other hand.

It is important that this procedure is performed first with a walk and, once completed, with the other.
To complete the preparation of the feet hitting the floor with your palms cupped climbing up the inside of the leg.

Once you have made the preparation of the hands and feet, can begin with massages, as we have said, do not vary in the way done but at the strategic point of the foot that works.

Self-massage: Basic Technique
Respecting the art of massage you can activate the various points of energy healing located in the foot. After a perfect preparation for the hands and feet, is a basic procedure, which varies only in the place of the foot that is done. Remember: always starts with the right foot.

1) From the heel to the tip of your fingers, massage the foot with thick fingers of the hand previously soaked in aromatic oil for the part of your body you want to heal. Then, follow the same process but on the forefoot. The entire foot must have been wet with the aromatic oil.

2) Make circles with the big toe of the hands, massage the entire sole, without forgetting to nowhere.

3) Based on the level of energy points of the foot that correspond to each body part, locate the unit on which you want to work and place gently, without squeezing, the yolk of the big toe of his hand on the point. In a circle, pressing on a soft and steady (and hold and re-tighten) massage for three minutes. Then, slowly remove your finger. Rest one minute and repeat the procedure once more.

4) With the knuckles of the hand rub from bottom to top, pressing, 15 times.

5) This last step is for relaxation after the massage. Rub with the palm of the hand, as in the beginning, the sole. Then tap with a cupped palm and stretch the toes backward. Caresses the foot with aromatic oil, again, and rest reclining with his feet up for 20 minutes.

To take into account
* The massage can not be carried out more than once a day.

* If you want to treat two or more parts of his body in a sitting, you should wash your hands again (for energetizarlas) and make the foot bath.

* There is a need for treatment with constancy and quality, thus the results are surprising.

* Do not pump (tense and drop sharply once after another) point energy. That is dangerous.

* When making a circular motion with the fingertips, always keep the same direction. Do not make a bit to one side and a bit to the other.

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