Flowers healing emotions

Since that alternative medicine was imposed in the pharmaceutical market, the concepts of health and disease which postulated the old school varied considerably. The man is an integrated whole: body, mind and soul. Today it is possible to heal the feelings, to rescue a person from wells depression, despondency or disaffection without using chemicals.

Among the alternative medicine, therapy floral was one of the pioneers in this to heal the soul, working with essences of some flowers which, in combination, help the man or woman to heal their emotions.

The Welsh Bach flowers, created by Dr. Edward Bach, won a place on the shelves of pharmacies. Later came the Flowers of California, and joined about 101 essences healing of the spirit.

Long after, a doctor named Ian White, created a floral therapy within which there are only 62 flowers to heal emotional problems, under the name of Bush or Australian flowers. For the first time a set of flower essences help to resolve these conflicts.

The flowers
All the unpleasant sensations or problems unresolved problems of the individual lead
physical nature necessarily. Within the vast network of human relationships are those couples that determine the state of mind of people. When things are not going well and neither have the space to express what you think, tensions build up generating a series of persistent discomfort.
For each specific case, there will be a flower that helps to unlock the emotion.

. The duration of treatment does not exceed 14 days, with a break of a week if necessary repeat the treatment. We carried out a shot in the morning and another at night. Some of these flowers are detailed below:

Trust essence: it is a flower that helps the individual to enhance self-esteem, believing in his talent and personal qualities.

Litle Flannel Flower: when the satiety ends with the ingenuity of the couple to enjoy the relationship and live new experiences, this flower awakens instincts asleep.

Emergency essence: this flower is used when conflict situations beyond psychologically generating sequels in the couple.

Kapok Bush: deshinibir this flower helps those who find it difficult to communicate and express "their feelings.

Jacaranda: It is recommended to couples to revive the passion of the early times used the discussions and intolerance among them. This will help them to flower retrieving the serenity by other means.

Fannel Flower: Used to vitalize the physical contact in the privacy for people who show little with the body and are too shameful.

Bush Gardenia: a flower is ideal for cases of couples who behave in a manner indifferent to the other, neglecting the relationship and pretending that he or she will always be.

Blue Bell: harmonizes the emotions of those people who need love and fear of losing the love of others are expert handlers of semtimientos other.

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