Stye - Symptoms and treatment

A stye is a painful inflammation, such as a grain of pus, whose origin is infection from the base of the lashes. You can engage the upper eyelid or lower, and usually evolves spontaneously according to a very rapid cycle of no more than 48 hours.
On some occasions, the picture is a little more complex, since it forms a tip of pus with intense pain. Where is the eyelid, may catch the eye while reaching almost closed. Anyway, not in any danger and can be treated at home without difficulty.

• The eyelid becomes red coloration is swollen and hurts a lot.

• Inflammatory Process, the appearance of a tip with or without pus with an inflamed base.

• Prepare a chamomile tea with warm water, soak a cotton and makes encouraging local press gently on the affected area. Perform this exercise for five minutes and Repeat several times a day.

• When action by the heat can leave the pus remove gently with cotton soaked in hot water.

• If the infection does not improve after the fourth day, presents eye (conjunctivitis) or the red eye and eyelid, please consult your doctor.

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