It is possible to avoid dizziness in the car?

Motion sickness (dizziness) is a disorder caused by an immaturity of the body's balance system that, sooner or later, eventually corrected.
Formulas against dizziness. There are many steps to prevent the child go wrong in the travel, and each one responds to them differently.

Most of the guys travel better at night, as they tend to fall asleep and marearse less. In addition, it should begin the trip with an empty stomach or just have finished eating, especially if it involves lunch or dinner, which are much more copious. Give them plenty of fluids is also not advisable, because that predispose vomiting. During the trip, the temperature of the car will not be high and the windows were down slightly to run the air. Children should also not be very warm.

It is preferable to accustom boys to travel, starting with short distances. When there is no choice but to make a long journey and wherever they go very wrong, they can administer anti-nausea prescription from the doctor.

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