Guys perfectionists with style

The tendency to perfectionism may occur early childhood, taking various forms: feel like a failure every grade school that does not reach outstanding, anguish at a stain on clothes, spend all the time to study and almost nothing to the game .. .
Behind the excessive demands that the child is self is not difficult to see, in most cases, the demands (direct or covert) of parents who are not offering an unconditional love, but conditional on the child and obtain a high yield undergo a rigid obedience.

All parents should impose rules and reward their compliance with their approval and affection. The problem is when the high requirements and the implacable law is what prevails and there is no room for spontaneity, play, enjoy themselves and manifestations of child behavior. We can be very pleased with the perfectionist children (they are "model children"), without realizing that often subjected to a dangerous pressure. And to top it all, it's easy to have difficulties with their peers, who typically exclude from their group games and relationships.

The goal of education is that children do not meet the comfort and pride of their parents. A child should play, express themselves, to unleash their energy and develop a healthy spontaneity. Obedience and school performance should City Council with all this so that your personality has a well-balanced development.

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