A compliment is worth a hundred reproaches

It is a universal mechanism: the person who is praised seek to overcome even more, if only by contrast receives complaints, loses all want to do. It's also easy to operate the children, only in a more emotional and deep. Each praise for them is the confirmation that their parents want them and at the same time, a fuse to make it even better. But as the kids are not fools, we must praise in a convincing way.

■ Praise only things that really deserves it (and there's always something that deserves it).

■ Really Be concerned by what the guy does, ask questions and observe their development. Just what is known well you can clap in honestly.

■ Show joy for every achievement, every step forward. If only one of five words is well written, hold
which is good rather than the four that are blamed bad. The same applies to erect a tower construction, make the bed, setting the table, collecting toys, paint a painting, playing peacefully with the brother ...

■ No praise in a condescending, as if the father were a great understanding that will gracefully worthy to pay attention to a poor ignorant.

■ Dosificar praise
not to turn the boy into a elogiadleto. The indiscriminate praise can have two effects: either the guy picks up the intention and do not believe, or ends up losing all sense of reality, creyéndose king of the universe.

■ Show at all times an unshakeable faith in our children: although today they are still somewhat clumsy, lazy or forgetful, at some point be able to change.

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