Tips for making friends in summer

Finding fellow players at the seaside is an indispensable condition for our children to spend an unforgettable vacation. How can we help you?
Most of the boys needed little time to make friends in the destination chosen to spend the summer holidays. For some, however, not easy to achieve. In these cases, parents can lend a hand to the small, trying to pave the ground, but without intervening directly. No kid likes, for example, that parents ask others if they want to play with his son or his friends. Promote contacts The first rule is that the deal has little opportunity to meet other kids their age.

Summertime offers endless possibilities: the beach, the pool, squares, children's play areas, and so on. And this must be taken into account when choosing the holiday destination. One village lost at the top of a mountain may be the ideal space for rest of the worldly noise, but it is not, of course, the best place for our children to establish new relationships.

Accept all the visits might want to invite the boy to eat at a friend she met in the morning on the beach or the pool. Parents should always accept, although this involves a change of plans. Especially shy children feel more secure in their own land. It is also important for parents interested in the guest, showing his kind with him.

New friends are sometimes set in the family and in this way, the small gain points. Do not get into fights all the boys fight ever. And it should not intervene in their disputes if it is not really necessary. It is better for the kids solve their problems among themselves. Parents tend to dramatize the situation and thus is more likely that the small, rather than make friends, create enmities. We respect your solitude introverted kids who feel comfortable being alone.

Friendships can not be forced and does not make sense to try to organize at all costs. Parents need only worry if your child is extremely lonely and does not even have friends at school.

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