Factors that produce fat and weight gain

• The very low calorie diets: these schemes, eventually, make it harder to control weight, because when it drastically reduces the consumption of calories, the body will not only lose fat but also muscle. Also, people who make the "starvation diets" tend to over-eat again. It is much more reasonable to include exercise and make a mildly hypocaloric diet (low fat) to achieve a slow weight decrease and even increase muscle mass.

• Alcoholic beverages: What does the label on your beer? Zero fat, right? However, alcohol provides calories, every gram of alcohol 7 kcal bñnda agency and taking into consideration that each gram of fat provides 9calorías, one can conclude that caloric intake is almost as fat. Furthermore, when excess calories ingested from food, accompanied by alcohol, are deposited as fat.

• The combination of sugar and fat: Apparently, the duo of sugar and fat tends to increase the volume of the abdominal area this way: when the sugar reaches the bloodstream, the body responds by releasing insulin flow. This insulin causes fat cells are activated and cause to be posted on them fat and sugar as fat as such wings. Thus, fat burgers and chocolate toñas go directly to stored in them. Reduce fat in your diet and this will not happen as often. And if you eat fat, try not to combine them with sugar.

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