Foods to improve eyesight

Food is a key point. Experts indicate an excess of these products may cause early difficulties in vision.
For example, excess alcohol, caffeine, tea, canned food, cheese, cigarettes, coffee, eggs, chips, fruit juices, ice cream, milk, red meat, sugar products. To reiterate: the excess is causing difficulties, nothing better then to be fed with products that strengthen the muscles for greater clarity in vision. According to research, the favorite diet program to see better:

• A salad a day.
• Raw vegetables, steamed or cooked a little each day.
• Herbal teas and all sorts of herbal teas.
• Fasting for a day, drinking only water and vegetable juices.
• Fish or fowl to replace red meat. If you are a vegetarian, to use soy derivatives.
• Brown rice
• Vegetables.

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