Tips for preventing osteoporosis

Ironically, osteoporosis is a disease that can be prevented more easily, just a diet rich in calcium and an active lifestyle. And so why is it so common? First, because prevention should begin in adolescence, since bone erosion is a silent process that occurs within a few years, second because, sometimes, doctors who treat people with fractures are investigating whether a patient can osteoporosis.

The importance of calcium:
The deposits of this mineral should be filled during adolescence and early adulthood, because at age 25 of bone density reaches its peak and it is considered that the process of building bone ends at age 30. So if no one takes the calcium needed every day, the body runs the risk of having a deficiency of this mineral. The best prevention is to have good nutrition and active lifestyle to maintain healthy bones throughout life. For those who think that this is a female disease, we say you are quite wrong because men are not immune to osteoporosis,
While it is true that women are more likely to suffer.

Data to take into account:
• 5 to 1 is the rate at which a woman suffers from osteoporosis in relation to man.
• 1 in 4 women over age 50 have osteoporosis.
• 50% of women over 75 with osteoporosis will suffer a hip fracture.

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