Treatment to remove kidney stones

■ How are the calculations?
They are formed by the merger and solidification of certain substances that would normally be eliminated in the urine. The reasons for this not to happen may be due to various factors such as climate and food intake napropiada. In the case of climate, when warm produce excessive perspiration, which reduces the flow of urine: having less urine is more difficult to remove substances that accumulate in the kidneys.

As for food, is harmful inadequate fluid intake, which can predispose the body to stone formation. They also favor the formation of stones some urinary tract disorders, such as lack of certain vitamins, particularly vitamin A metabolic deficiencies and to the familial predisposition, in the event that there is a history of this type.

■ Does the intensity of pain depends on a factor?
In general, the pain varies with the individual who has mobility, being in direct relation to this, and according to the displacement of the calculus in the urinary tract. In these cases, according to the characteristics may be present in blood in the urine and also cause difficulties in urination.

■ What is traditional?
Drink plenty of fluids to try to induce natural expulsion or dissolution of the calculation. But in most cases, or when the estimates reach a considerable size or number, this remedy is not enough. In those cases when it is advisable to operate or bombardment by sound waves.

■ Currently, is there another way to dissolve the stones?
Yes, there is a water called "dialysis water" that is able to dissolve the stones or stones that form in the body. This water has no chemical additives or medicines but it is a physical solution.

■ How does it work?
Dlalítica Water is obtained through the application of a natural device in the form of blister, which contains macrocrystals specially treated to channel his energy through the glass. This energy comes from minerals that are inside the vial and is electrostatic in nature. How you prepare dialítlca water is submerging the ampoule in a glass of water (about 250 cm3) without opening it or break it for 24 hours. After this period water and drinking water converted into dlalítlca, which will become part of the bloodstream and other bodily fluids. Each vial has a capacity to produce forty glasses of water dialysis.

■ What are the proven benefits of this therapy?
The effects that could verify indicate that:
• removes the outermost layers of the calculations (edges), and in some cases split large stones.
• transforms the stones into sand that can be expelled without pain.
• increases the solubility of mineral salts that circulate in the blood and urine-especially calcium-prevents them from sinking and forming a new calculation or increase the thickness of existing ones.
• is a natural treatment, non-invasive and without side effects, which does not interfere with other therapies that the patient be followed.
• also works efficiently in the treatment of gallstones, gout and atherosclerosis.

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