The causes of illnesses by Chinese medicine

For traditional Chinese medicine, are alive and healthy because the human body remains in a state of harmony. This state is a balance between yin and yang, between the various organs of our body and between it and the environment in which we live. Consistently, this harmony is disturbed by everyday activities and different external environmental influences that affect our bodies and in the performance of our bodies.

When a person is healthy, any discrepancy is resolved quickly, keeping the dynamic balance. Thus the agency preserves health and psychological balance normal. When this dynamic equilibrium is disturbed and does not recover, we feel we are victims of illnesses and diseases Recall that traditional Chinese medicine for diseases are the factors that may alter (or break) the balance of the human body.

Historically, in China have tried to understand and explain those factors that may cause illness classified in different categories. Yan Chen for the physician during the reign of the Song Dynasty, this classification was as follows:

• External causes.
They include external climatic influences that cause disease.

• Internal causes.
Understand emotional disorders that affect the visceral organs, causing disease.

• No external or internal causes.
Include other factors that impair health as diet, trauma and sexual activity.

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