Treatments with enzymes

Enzymes are protein substances produced by living cells that act as catalyst to accelerate various chemical processes in our bodies or make them possible. Each enzyme has a special function and determined in the body.

Thus, some cells provide all the substances needed to live and, sometimes divided into microscopic portions of nutrients that reach or provide oxygen throughout the body. Since ancient times, medicine has used animal and vegetable substances containing enzymes.

At present, he has continued to investigate the effects produced in our body enzymes from plants, mammals and fungi, thus enabling use for therapeutic purposes: to increase the body's defenses, to treat wounds, inflammation and pain diverse, and as adjunctive therapy for cancer.

Enzymes can be injected intramuscularly or ingested in the form of pills, tablets or capsules. These enzyme preparations are used to combat various diseases. Therapy should be directed by a physician experienced in the subject and its duration depends on the severity of pathology. Self-treatment of enzymes is possible but first we must turn to a specialist to learn in detail about the potential use to monitor therapy.

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