Noise pollution, a serious problem ...

In developed countries it is actively considering how to handle the problem of noise pollution. Many experts say is necessary to incorporate a study of noise levels in urban planning, with the aim of creating "islands sound", ie spaces with as little noise as possible. Another solution being debated is to isolate the buildings similar to the radio studios. The problem is that this idea would be too costly.

Anyway, nothing better to take preventive measures. It is necessary to raise public awareness through education campaigns, so that the problem is recognized and that everyone can aspire to contribute and require a reduction in noise levels.

In European countries, the acceptable limit for the ambient noise is 65 db. during the day and 55 db. overnight. Hearing ability deteriorates in the band between 75 db. and 125 db. and becomes painful when they exceed 125 db., reaching the pain threshold to 140 db.

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