Tips for healthy mind

1 - Moderate information:
The hiperinformación (devote excessive time to read newspapers or watch television and listen to the radio) generates anxiety and stress. It works by way of a drug, so we can not "detach" from the news waiting for the latest information. It creates a vicious cycle that requires cutting to continue feeding these states not harmful.

2 - Limiting meet people pessimistic:
Those who are permanently focused on the difficulties and problems will infect your state. Of course this does not mean stop helping those who suffer, but mechanical change of relationship that are not useful. In return feed is very comforting to people links to other possibilities open, optimistic and creative.

3 - Remember that there is always a way out:
Our attention away from thoughts like "no way out" or "I'm between a rock and a hard place." Remember there is always a possible solution, although not exactly want that. Finding it often depends on our openness of mind and mood rather than external reality.

4 - Saying no to fear and anxiety of the environment:
Far from helping, fear and anxiety, when they become permanent emotions, paralyze us. But we seem to justify and natural because we are in a time fa that many people share them. We say sentences like "how could I not be anxious, things that happen" and so these collective emotions become too strong an obstacle to overcome. Not just about what happens in the outside world but also how we "read" the reality, what we do with it and, consequently, how we feel about the crisis.

5 revalue the emotional links:
Emotional connection to the couple, children, friends and all those who want, is a valuable food and a great help in times of crisis. Along with many people stressed and aggressive is growing too slowly, the number of people friendly, attentive and prompt contact and exchange polite. It also serves, and much, participation in groups of all kinds of manual labor practice groups, literary, artistic, spiritual practice, etc..

6 - Make projects:
It is important away from the idea "can not do any project, even if we are-economic projects for the time-barred or severely limited. There are many projects that we face, even without money, whether individual projects, as do a work of art, improve our physical appearance or collective - incorporated in neighborhood, places of community involvement or simply by joining a group of friends with a common goal.

7 - Working the inner world
The I Ching, one of the oldest books of mankind written by Chinese scholars, refers to some passages in times of crisis including one known as "Disability". In times of impediments, external danger, the I Ching says "The exit that leads out of the impediments is the shift inward and increase the cost of self", the formation of character. So in times of crisis nothing better than reading, study, reflection or direct the practice of disciplines that seek internal progress as tai chi, meditation, chi kung, or yoga. These practices connect us again with life, full of wonderful facts as simple as breathing, see the birth of a flower or hear the laughter of our children.

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