Alcoholism and drug abuse in young

It is common to experiment with alcohol and drugs during adolescence, including cigarette between these drugs and psychotropic drugs. Unfortunately, adolescents do not see the connection between their actions today and tomorrow's consequences. They have the tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems experienced by others.

Teens use alcohol and other drugs for various reasons, including curiosity, to feel good, to reduce stress, to feel adults or to belong to a group. Parents can help educate, speaking at a young age about drugs, communicating and being good role models themselves.

Signals major use of alcohol and drug abuse in adolescents:
• Physical: fatigue, continual complaints about your health, and dull red eyes and a persistent cough.
• Emotional: personality changes, rapid changes in mood, irritability, irresponsible behavior, low self-esteem or self-esteem, lack of trial, depression and a general lack of interest.
• Family: breaking rules, withdraw or fail to communicate with the family.
• School: declining interest, poor attitude, poor grades, frequent absences and discipline problems.
• Social problems: new friends who are not interested in normal activities of the home and school, trouble with the law and the shift towards less conventional styles in dress and music.

The first step parents should take is to consult with a doctor to be sure that the warning signs that reveal not have physical causes. This must be accompanied or followed by a comprehensive evaluation conducted by an adolescent psychiatrist, who recommended the treatment to follow.

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