10 Tips on how to be happy

1- Have faith.
It is based on delivering the problems and fears of a higher power. The gift of faith answers the question: "What problem want to give to God?". Thus, without thinking we can get rid of all our doubts, reservations and limitations.

2- Love.
It is the expression of our affection. The gift of love answers the question: "What I see beauty in things and people around me?". Although it is good to use it as a couple, the gift of love could also be used to create more than romance. Thanks to him we can take conscious-mind choose the best of anyone else, whether an individual, a group of people, animal, plant or even the ocean.

3- Dreams.
It is the gift of creation. It is unique to humans because we are the only known life form capable of having good intentions and carry them out. Answer the questions. "What would make me happy?".

4- Courage.
This gift responds to the question: "What am I willing to try?". It is the gift that makes the changes are fun and exciting and give us no fear. While the gifts of love and dreams set in motion processes of creation, the gift of courage is the strength that makes things move.

5- unit.
Answer the question "Who can help?". It is the multiplication of the gifts of each of the inhabitants of the earth. This gift reminds us that we are not alone but are part of a tribe called the human family. The gift of unity can feel what they feel those with whom we have a similar soul, and they will be willing to join forces to achieve something greater than what one person can get.

6- The joy.
Answer the question "What is the best way to share or express my happiness?". The function of this gift is to give more value to the remaining nine. This suggests the gift of joy is that we should use the gifts only to survive but to satisfy the soul and motivate others to do likewise.

7- Trust.
Its function is to assist the delivery and also to earn the delivery of others. This gift has the function of consciousness, because when we say, think or do something that may be harmful to another, we feel bad, if we betray the trust placed in our person.

8- character.
It helps us understand who we are now and what we want to be in the future. Its function is to remind each of us is totally unique and necessary for life in the world. The gift of nature allows us to reinvent ourselves again and again throughout life, avoiding stagnation and nonconformity. Answer the question "Who want to be now?".

9- Gratitude.
It allows us to give thanks for everything we create through other gifts. Use this gift gives us peace, and we complete makes life with positive energy from others. The gift of gratitude answered the question "Who or what can I give thanks?".

10- The intention.
Thanks to the gift of intention, we can overcome the past and change something good for something better. Its function is to give strength to start again, or paste a leap forward. Answer the questions "What now?" And then? ".

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