How to strengthen the abdomen and keep it flat

To have a flat abdomen, a slender waist and flexibility of movement, it is necessary that the abdominal muscles are often employed.

Beyond the appearance, abdominal and internal organs must maintain the correct position, this stimulates bowel movements and, equally importantly, helps the spine to support body weight.

However, problems occur when the muscles are working regardless of anatomy.

For example, when we work the rectus abdominis muscles (which form a kind of tables around the navel) to create a zone of intense pressure genitopelviana, attracting specialists in physical therapy and rehabilitation perineum.

The muscles in that area, in fact, are front and side walls of the abdominal cavity. Above is another muscle that separates the abdominal cavity of the chest (difragma muscle) in the back are the backbone and the bottom is a "floor" of muscles, perineum, the one that supports all the abdominal organs.

Therefore, to do sit-ups, the perineum is under high pressure. And if these movements are done poorly, the risk of prolapse (the "drop" or of the various bodies in various parts of the weakest areas of muscles - hernia) is very high.

Occurs and the risk of urinary incontinence, particularly for women who have a shorter urethra than men.

Place hands behind your neck and chin pressing on the chest, which tend to draw the head, causing tremendous pressure on the cervical vertebrae.

If the basin is not well stabilized by the muscles, sciatica and suffer back pain (LBP) and this will soon appear.

Take a break for a few months after having a child.
There is no way to do abs after childbirth because the perineum is very fragile.

During the recovery period is absolutely forbidden to "work" of the transverse muscles. Located on the sides of the abdominal cavity.

Do not put your chin on your chest!
These are some of the recommendations for exercises to strengthen abdominals:

"First, before getting up from the supine position, place hands on top, no neck.

Stretch your foot, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. During the uprising, do not put your chin on your chest (you can use a tennis ball under the chin).

The movement should be started from the shoulders slightly. Thus, the abdomen works best. At the end of a twisting side to side of the abdomen to relax a little. Maintain a slow pace of the exercises.

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