Remedies for sleep

• A tablespoon of oil.
Since ancient times, oil was the food of the gods, of regeneration. Active parts of the brain that are associated with sleep. How animals use fat for winter dormancy, should take the habit of drinking a tablespoon of olive oil before bedtime.

• Ayurvedic Recipe.
Ayurvedic medicine offers an original advice: eat a mashed ripe banana with a tablespoon of cumin seeds.

Antisueño habits.
• Do not overdose on television. Sleeplessness feeds on overstimulation. Although it appears that TV numbs really not, when we sleep and dream more savvy will be very poor quality.

• Avoid strong emotions As the discussions, the controversial debates. A good walk before bed improves mood and promotes digestion.

• Never fight with insomnia If disclosed in the dead of night, do not fight with the inevitable: asúmalo as casually as possible, as something that happens. Get up, drink a glass of milk, read a little and go back to bed.

• Beware of psychoactive drugs increasingly seek solution insomniacs psychoactive drugs. With risk behavior. A recovering stroke tablet sleep but shuts vitality. The emotions and relationships become opaque. Conditions are indicated in severe anxiety, severe insomnia or depression of deep origin. The term should not exceed the month. The risk of dependence is real. You start with small doses under medical supervision and then increase themselves. At the end metabolism is becoming slower, until you install the chronic fatigue.

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