5 tips for insomnia

When poor sleep, poor posture adopted in a state of continuous contraction, as the mobility of defending life. So toxins build up, waking, makes members feel heavy.

Renew is sleep.
The good sleep during the day exploits. At night, assimilate and transform what we have lived in the day. We must get used to perceive the day, something new is born in us. Before lifting, for example, look for news to make you alter your daily routine: eat with a friend who do not frequent, strolling through a park, buy a record that we like, dress in unusual ways, different make-up. .. Renew will help us meet any problems that may cross the path, favoring sleep.
Other solutions that work.

1. The book sleeping pill.
The book sleeping pill, it is deadly boring, but you evades the issues that block your mind, detective novels and essays are not very suitable for reading before bedtime. As the stories set in other eras, lasnovelas of love, adventure stories or good stories. To let the here and now, that often cause insomnia.

2. Crystals relaxing. Fostering dreams with a small crystal on the nightstand. The lapizlazuli, rose quartz and amethyst conducive to sleep, as vibrational medicine: have a wavelength deep and slow and convey to the mind and relaxing a beneficial effect.

3. Blue colors.
The colors exert influence on the entire nervous system. Some exciting (yellow, orange, red) and sedan (blue, indigo, violet) Use sheets and pillows in those colors.

4. Perfumes sedatives.
Among the most useful scents are lavender, which prevents abrupt nocturnal awakenings and restless: (Put a bunch of these flowers on the dresser.) Also marjoram and linden flowers have soothing effect, (Put a few drops of these oils in pillow or a scarf.).

5. Massages night.
There are three points on the head that Chinese medicine considers gates of the psyche. Take a comfortable position, stare at a point on the opposite wall and stay as magnetized, with eyes wide open. Start and self-massage: The door of the earth beneath the chin, jaw, where it ends, a small cleft. Make a slight massage counterclockwise to clockwise. The Puerta del Sol: located between the eyebrows, a small dimple, massage and the previous item.
The door of the night is located in the neck cavity. Massage and rotate the head at a time.

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