How to Shave step by step

Since shaving is perhaps the most masculine aesthetic habit ingrained in men over time. However, the demands of daily life often make what we do very quickly, and without considering the care needed to avoid skin irritation and a face to look really perfect.
The basic steps to shave well are:

1) Wash before the face and neck with warm water and mild soap. This will remove the fat from the skin and soften the beard.

2) Apply a shaving gel, which act as moisturizing layer. This will facilitate the evaporation of water and will keep hair soft, promoting a smoother shave.

3) It is very important to gently shave, thereby reducing the chances of attacking or damaging the skin.

4) First have to shave the cheeks, then the two sides of the face and neck and, finally, the hair on the chin and around the lips. Why are these steps?. Because the hair has accumulated in recent areas mentioned is the hardest, so the longer serving the hair gel will soften further.

5) After shaving, you must wash in cold water for a softer skin and good moisture conditions.

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