Remove dark circles in men

Those pesky marks under our eyes, we bring a dark and dirty look that seems frozen in a perpetual state of insomnia or just out of bed, have a solution in men, which are increasingly more concerned about these details of his estetica.
Dark circles mainly caused by genetic issues, accumulation of fatigue, stress or snuff abuse, alcohol or caffeine. It is not easy to delete them, but possible. For this there are some home remedies, such as:

1) Cool 2 bags of chamomile tea and place over eyes for 20 minutes. This will decrease the inflammation for a few hours, but not a permanent remedy.

2) Another option is to put an apple cooked in a bowl of milk. When the fruit is rolled back, it is necessary to crush until a paste forms. After allowed to cool, stretching the dough by dark circles for 20 minutes, withdrawing water.
As for the alternatives in cosmetics, there are special corrective. The same should be applied after cleaning the skin in depth, previously incorporated in the area a fat-free moisturizer.

Meanwhile, drinking two liters of water per day will be an excellent option against dark circles, allowing oxygen to the skin. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day and do not abuse the salt, for example, are other healthy lifestyle habits that must be considered.

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