Acids, saturated and trans fats

We compared the consumption of these lipids, in Europe and the United States.
A group of researchers evaluated the consumption of saturated fatty acids and hydrogenated (trans) between the European and American population. We also analyzed the effect of these lipids in the body. While both substances increase the bad cholesterol in the blood and hence increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the trans fats have a particularity: also decrease good cholesterol and increases the levels of triglycerides. However, not associated with diseases such as hydrogenated acid type two diabetes and allergies.

As for the research, specialists at the European Food Safety Authority collected data from population and stated that Europe is consumed daily in less than two percent of trans fatty acids, meanwhile, is eaten between eleven and eighteen percent of saturated lipids. The European recommendation on this acid does not exceed ten percent on the day, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some countries, like Spain, maintained normal swallowing.

Hydrogenated fatty acids found in beef or lamb. Also formed when a product is fried at high temperatures. Saturated lipids have been mainly in foods of animal origin and in lesser amounts in the fats of coconut and palm.

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