The best prevention for hypertension

To avoid problems in cognitive functioning, hypertensive patients should be treated since the beginning of the disease.
Hypertension may cause cognitive functions reduce the amount of blood flow to different organs. This occurs over a period of between 7 and 20 Aryans. Symptoms may be triggered (memory and concentration problems) from 75 years as a result, 70 percent of older hypertensive patients should be admitted for observation. Medical specialists in hypertension and cardiologists gathered at the Congress of the European Society of Hypertension to assess cognitive impairment as a result of this disease. The experts conducted a study with nearly 1000 hypertensive patients with an average age of 78.

They were analyzed by specialists in neurology and psychology, and the results showed that 53 percent of patients who continued treatment step had less effect on cognitive functions. In conclusion, all said they found the most effective solution was to make the treatment of hypertension since the early signs and thus prevent this result in older adults. According bs specialists, per 1000 patients treated for high blood pressure five years, will prevent at least 20 people come to dementia.

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