Divination The Oracle of the Circle

From times immemorial the man has had queries on itself and on the nature, and it has always appealed to different methods to arrive to his answers. Firstly those elements that surrounded it were: bones, snails, etc. then the stars, the fire or the water, among other. To all these methods they are called oracles, and the forces that participate in them they are really actual.

One of these oracles is the oracle of the circle, a very plain method of divination of carrying out and very amusing of practicing. Here you will know how to make it, and how to interpret the elements that participate in him.

You will need:
-Resistant (jean, linen, etc) cloth.
-Acrylic paint of different several colors.
-It rules, compass, conveyer, pencil and scissors.

It proceeds this way:
It measures and it draws on the cloth, a circle of 15 diameter cm. Then it divides the circle with the help of the conveyer in twelve parts of 30º each one. Already marked, it paints each sector with a contrasting color in a staggered way. For example, one red, another yellow one, another green, another blue, and so forth. You can repeat the colors once ended the series that you have chosen. Once dry the base, paints in each sector numbers from the 1 to the 12, of right to left.

The meaning of the numbers:
1 mean the next year, 2 mean the money, 3 the trips, 4 the family life, 5 the present. 6 the health, 7 mean the love and the relationships, the 8 mean the law and the justice, 9 your pansies, 10 the work and your profession, 11 the friends, and the 12 mean the enemies.

How to consult the oracle:
To consult the Circular Oracle, he/she takes three dice of different colors, but that they are of the same size. Only use them with the purpose of consulting the oracle, it doesn't stop to play to any other thing.
Each face of the dice means the following: 1 positive, 2 to culture the relationships, 3 success, 4 deception or it punishes, 5 positive trend, 6 unwarranted status.
When you will consult this oracle, you will search a calm place and to prepare mentally the problem on which you want to consult. It throws the dice on the chart and notice in that sector fell. When you have ended it allows to consume a candle and guard together the chart and the three dice in a special place.

It adds of the dice and sectors of the circle:
When you throw the dice, it will add the number of each face of the dice with the number of the circle sector where he/she has fallen. The meanings are the following ones:
3 positive and unexpected events, 4 deception or personal dissatisfaction, 5 something new that provides happiness, 6 forfeiture in the businesses or spiritual gain, 7 retardations and barriers that you/they cause a scandal, 8 negative strong influences, 9 success in the love and near reconciliation, 10 births and new start. ascents, 11 illness or item. anxiety, 12 a message that brings good news, 13 pain and negative long term events, 14 a new friend and he/she helps of other, 15 temptation to make grievances and to fall in the flaw, 16 good for the trips, to leave now will bring short term fortune, 17 change of plans. you allow yourself to guide for the intuition, 18 very good fortune, happiness and benefits in the proximate future.

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