In all the cultures aficción has existed to the alcoholic drinks, for diverse reasons. On one hand, the alcohol is a substance anabolizante (you help to the alimentary assimilation) and a font of calories; on the other hand, you produce pleasant goods in the psyche: euphoria, seguiridad sensation and well-being, delete inhibitions, etc. Now then, chronic drinkers exist to who this fact doesn't cause any dysfunction neither serious problem, while other, because of the ingestion of alcoholic drinks, they come modified your social and family life, since the embriaguéz episodes go accompanied by behavioral disorders that rebound in a decisive way in the fellow's life when being reiterated.

Two factors that cause the alcoholism exist: the environmental (regional customs of towns viticultores, special professions that involve insulation, social deterministo, as the frequent care to cocktails, appetizers, among other; and popular and mythical prejudgments around the alcohol, like you could be the fact of associating the drink to the manliness) factors and the personal (to drink to compensate affective or personal conflicts, I eat a married or professional failure for example, feelings of inferiority, difficulty in establishing interpersonal relationships, among other) factors. The fundamental symptoms decrease to three classes of dysfunctions: digestive, sensitive-motors and oníricos (of the dream). The great hazard of the alcoholism in your state phase and in your chronic phase it rests in the possible acute (the delirium tremens) and chronic production of alcoholic psychosis that you/they can put an end to the integration of the legal capacity and to cause a delirious invasion of the psyche. The curative treatment of the alcoholism is based essentially on the deacclimatization, creating an aversion toward the alcohol, and supporting this cure with psychotherapy and restorative drugs, at par that they should be tried to modify the social and environmental factors that could motivate relapses.

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Mike said...

Hi. nice blog.Hopefully, this does not come across as spam, but rather a heartfelt reach out to the thousands of addicts/alcoholics who struggle every year with relapse and depression, which has become all too common within the recovery movement. With some hard work and self-discipline, using the program mentioned above, I feel no one ever has to relapse again.please advice them to take a drug treament program.