The toxicomania can be defined as a state of periodic intoxication or detrimental chronicle to the individual and taken place by a reiterated consumption of a drug, you be this natural or elaborated synthetically. The fundamental symptoms of the toxicomania are the following ones: I want irresistible of continuing taking a drug and of being offered it by all possible means; trend to use dose every bigger time and psychic and even organic dependence with regard to the goods of the drug.

The classification of the drugs according to your use in the toxicomanias was imposed by O.M.S (World Organization of the Health) in the following way:
Drugs that certain dose always takes place, for your pharmacological specific share, the dependence of the drug. You are from the submitted controlled drugs to detective control and asylum. Examples: the opium and your derivates (laudanum, elixir paregórico, morphine, diacetylmorphine, codeine, etc.); the substitutes of the morphine (dolatina, butalgi, fenodonas, palfium, etc.); the derivative preparedness of the cannabis indicate or communio (grifa, kif, marijuana, haschich) hemp; and the cocaine (derivative of the coca leaves, in form of clorohidrato of cocaine and used powdered that are applied, as the snuff, to the nasal diaphragm).
Drugs that never cause the imperious necessity of your management, but that they believe habit. In these drugs it is not considered important the pharmacological effect and they don't need control. Examples: tobacco plant, coffee, barbiturates, etc.
Drugs that are located among the two aforementioned groups. They are those that can damage to the toxicofílicos and that in other individuals they don't not even cause habit. Examples: bromides, stimulant (as the amphetamine or bencedrina) aminas, atorácticos, etc.
Finally the psychedelic drugs are, of current (lysergic acid and derivates, LSD and LTP) great broadcast.

The axial topic of the toxicomania is the constitution toxicofílica. In fact, you are predisposed legal capacities to suffer the toxicomania when they have contacted a drug. This predisposition, named toxicofilia, it can be of two types: organic (linked to the fellow's somatic constitution) and psychic that are the most frequent and the most important. You are about a special structure of the legal capacity that have in general, the following features: disforia with big oscillations in the state of spirit, self-centeredness, intolerance to the annoying stimuli and react in short circuit. Everything leads to an anxious search of pleasant sensation in the present moment, without meditating in later consequences, and an escape of the unpleasant thing for any mean. Great toxicomaníacos part is psychopaths or neurotic and always immature legal capacities.

The cure of the toxicomanias debit side to always be carried out by means of internamiento in a specialized sanatorium where you proceeds to the desintoxicación, followed by psychotherapy. You are also necessary the family collaboration for the patient's retrieval. Anyway, the most important thing is the prevention of the toxiocomanías, so much on the part of the physicians, acting advisably when prescribing toxics, like part of the detective controls of the traffic of drugs.

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