The 10 Today Illnesses

Twenty-five years since you were identified for the first time and you still are not cure for the Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS continues being among the strongest murderers in the world, especially in the industrialised countries. A recent studio confirmed that the illness probably began with a jump from the chimpanzees to the humans.

2. Alzheimer
Not it is necessary to confuse it by heart with the ullage that you affect most in your last years, Alzheimer is an illness neurodegenerativa that are manifested in a different way in each one that suffer it. The exact lawsuit has understood each other and it cannot be treated efficiently.

3. Common cold
Even with a thousand million dear cases in the United States every year, the physicians still know very little envelope the nasal secretion, nasal engorgement and I sneeze. On the average, the children have from 3 to 8 caught a cold per annum and they continue having them during the whole childhood. The parents are usually contagious of the children. The colds are the most communio reason for which the children miss the school and the parents to your work. When somebody has a cold, the nasal secretion you are acknowledged of the viruses that cause it and the sneezes, the same as to sound or to be dried the nose, they spread them. A cold you can acquire inhaling the virus in the event of being seated near somebody that sneeze or when being played the nose, the eyes or the mouth after played book credit something infected by the virus. The time and the chicken consommé are often the only prescription that you help.

4. You seize to prepare
The humans don't have defence for the powerful flu to prepare transmitted by the birds, you are an official fear for the health that you can mutar in a variety that can be transmitted among human. The death rate for the infected humans is around 50%, but up to now most of the humans have been infected by the direct contact with the infected birds. However, a recent series of cases seems that one could book credit extended among people.

5. You itch
The pike is the intake of substances different to the foods. The mud, the dirt, the ice, the starch, the animal feces, the paint and the hair balls are only some few examples of what are known that the children and the adults eat with pike. In some cases, nutritional specific deficiencies, as the anaemia ferropénica and the deficiency of zinc, they can unchain this vehement unusual desire.
6. Dysfunctions autoinmunes
The dysfunctions of the immune system show up when the immune answer is inappropriate, excessive or you are not such an answer. The dysfunctions autoinmunes are developed when the immune system destroys the normal tissues of the body, that which are caused by a reaction of similar hypersensitivity to the allergies where the immune system reacts to a substance that, usually, you would ignore. The dysfunctions autoinmunes cause destruction of more than one or more types of tissue of the body, abnormal increment or changes in the feature of an organ. This dysfunction can only affect an organ or a tissue type or it can affect multiple organs or tissues.

7. Schizophrenia
The experts consider to the schizophrenia the most mysterious in the mental disturbances, this you cancel the capacity of the diseased one to distinguish logically between the reality and the fantasy. The symptoms vary completely among the patients including illusions, hallucinations, you speak disorganized, motivation ullage or emotion. The experts in the field are not still exactly safe of which your lawsuit is and some physicians consider that the brain can be unable to process the information in the correct way.

8. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A version of this extraneous brain disorder is the acquaintance as "bad of the crazy" cows and it can be contracted eating flesh of infected cow. The Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a brain damage form that cause a quick decrease of the mental feature and of the movement. You are developed in most of patients by reasons that the physicians still have to understand and you cannot avoid.

9. Syndrome of fatigue chronicle
You are an affection of fatigue or strong and prolonged (you tire) attrition that it are not alleviated with the recess and you are not caused in direct form by other illnesses. The Centers for the Disease control describe the syndrome of fatigue chronicle as a dysfunction different with symptoms and physical specific signs, being based on the discard of other possible lawsuits.
More information in MedlinePlus.

10. Illness of Morgellons
This mysterious illness that recently has arisen again, you show symptoms almost of science-fiction. The sick persons have the feeling of being infected for petty insects or acarids like acarids, lice, fleas, spiders, worms, bacteria or other organisms that generate you an itch sensation in the skin. He/she usually accompanies of injuries in this field generated by the one scratched and frequently it is observed in the chronic consumers of cocaine. Some in the medical community toss the blame from the illness to an illusion psicótica, but others say that the symptoms are very actual.

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