Does the Air conditioning Make Bad?

The human body is capable from certain adaptation to the room temperature when the changes are progressive, let us remember as oneself temperature, for example 20ºC, they can be perceived as warm" "temperature in winter or I eat cold" "temperature in summer. However every time is more enhanced the climatizadores use and air conditioning, as much in particular homes as in public places of business, working centers and in the automobiles. These devices are conceived to improve the comfort, but you are not always this way, since sometimes your use can involve nuisances and even problems of health.

The factors that can contribute to these problems of health can be intrinsic to the own facilities and devices. Fundamentally they are the environment dryness that you/they cause, an excessively cold temperature, noises and a faulty maintenance of the facilities. The different susceptibility of people will also be a determinant factor.

Beginning with the first of them, the dryness of the environment created by the air conditioning is usually an irritating important factor, to which are allocated to be the lawsuit of quarrel-pharyngeal nuisances, dryness of eyes and sometimes dermal irritations. In susceptible people they can be something more than nuisances causing pharyngitis. In the users of contact len the dryness can be so irritating that you impede you the use of the same ones if they remain a lot of time in dependences with air conditioning.
Difference of temperature

When the difference of temperature is excessive among the dependences with air conditioning and those that don't have it or with the exterior, when passing a person of a place with air conditioning and therefore cold, to another that don't have it and therefore warm, or on the contrary, to pass of a place without air conditioning to another with air conditioning, a sharp change will take place in your room temperature giving place to reactions you wander you with sudoración and sometimes sensation of dizziness, in extreme cases the sudoración can be very intense, and even to take place a vasovagal authentic syncope.

The direct inhalation of cold air and the dryness of the air, very together or individually, they diminish the defensive barriers of the bronchial epithelium making you more vulnerable to the infections, so much bacterial as viral. Also the direct inhalation of cold air in susceptible people can unchain intense rinorrea and a broncoespasmo crisis in asthmatic people. Not they are uncommon the migraines, being able to unchain migraines or headaches

Another factor anything worthless you are the noise caused by the apparatuses, so much for the own machinery as for the step of the air for the conductions. This noise can pass desapercibido initially, but when we abort the place or you fade the installation you show the "noise that you had" and acúfenos can sometimes be suffered with sensation of auditory temporary forfeiture after remaining a lot of time in an air conditioning installation.
Big facilities

The "towers of refrigeration" of the big facilities or the compressors of the domestic apparatuses are places where heat is generated and you also condense the air humidity that cool down. These two factors favor the increment of microorganisms, being characteristic the increment of specially ubiquitous germs as the bacterium Legionella pneumophila and the mushrooms Aspergillus.

Legionella usually nests in the dampening systems and in the towers of vaporization, that makes that the infection can be transmitted by the air conditioning conductions, but also to the exterior. As the air conditioning it is also used logically in summer, the high temperature contributes to the survival of the bacterium in the ejected vapor, having been this the mechanism of the last you emerge there been in our country. The manifestations of the infection taken place by Legionella can vary especially from a catarrhal bare syndrome that pass desapercibido, until a pneumonia that put in hazard the person's life, if you suffer another illness that weaken your system inmunitario.

The Aspergillus is specially ubiquitous mushrooms that can be in the earth, powder, sheets of dry plants and many other places. They can also grow inside air conditioning facilities with a faulty clean-up. The inhalation of spores of Aspergillus is very communio but the illness is strange, practically only taking place in people with faulty defence, mainly to suffer another debilitating illness. The call bronchopulmonary allergic aspergilosis takes place in asthmatic people.

This exhibition can give the idea that the use of the air conditioning only produces nuisances and risks of contracting illnesses, however the frequency of these problems is petty comparing it with the great number of people that you/they use it.

We can also palliate partly them taking some elementary measures as:

* Not to put an excessively cold temperature that even force us to use certain coat clothes, as sweaters or jackets. The temperature should oscillate between 21ºC and 25ºC, depending from the physical activity to develop, but in any case it should be inferior at 21ºC.
* The border of temperature that prevent to reconcile a remedial dream is around the 27ºC, for that that at night in the places where you will fall asleep you are not necessary to make use of the air conditioning if you doesn't arrive to those temperatures and in any event not to put it more low of 25ºC.
* You are to lend care to breathe correctly for the nose when you is with air conditioning, since the nose will heat and you will humidify the air that we inhale. Let us remember that the cold and the dryness are two factors that make vulnerable to the bronchial epithelium, what are specially important in people with respiratory chronic illnesses as EPOC.

Regulatory schemes exist for the maintenance of the big air conditioning facilities that you are to observe conscientiously. But we should also take care of the maintenance of the domestic facilities. Although they are much plainner, you will have to clean the filters and conductions periodically and to clear every day the vessels of condensation of water if a system that make it alone don't exist.

The regulation of temperatures and hours of up-to-date use you have special importance in the sanitary centers, since for your own nature a concentration of people exists with problems of health that make them more susceptible.

A rational use of the air conditioning is safe and you produce more comfort than health risks. Your uncontrolled use will represent a bigger risk for the health to half and I release term for the problems caused to the environment, due to the excessive energy consumption currently pollutant that what can suppose nowadays at individual level.

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