Astrological Aromateraphy

From the antiquity, the aromas have been recognized as subtle elements of the vegetable Kingdom that you/they leave print in our physical, psychic and spiritual being.

Each plant emits an aromatic certain vibration that operate at level of the centers of energy called "chakras." This way, the aromatic vibration goes to the suitable center and of this way, harmonizes the emotional corresponding state.

The essential oils are the key to spread the aromas and, at the same time, to create a sensation of beauty and relax massaging the body. You are very convenient to locate a hornillo with aromas in the room during the massage.

According to the element of each sign of the Zodiac, you are more convenient a fragrancy that another.

For signs of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius):
In an essential oil, 7 drops of orange blossom (nerolí) oleum are added. This delicate flower that come from the Far East, will potentialize your effect Yang on the signs of Fire, what will provide vitality and you will reinstate the balance to end with the nervous tensines, the insomnia and the anxiety. You are very advisable for the mature skins and you dry off.
Plug-in: to fumigate in hornillo aroma to vanilla to sweeten the temperament.

For signs of Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
The eucalyptus, especially in the variety "Eucaliptus globulus", with your slight share Yin, will help to all the natives of signs of Air to maintain in good operation your respiratory system and urinal. In turn, you will collaborate in that overcome your fear to the changes. To physical level, you clear, clean the sludges of the skin and you relax. You are ideal for sportsmen.
Plug-in: to fumigate aroma ageranio. Your aroma equalizes the relationship mind-body. Including it in an oleum bases you form an ideal mixture for the care of the skin, specially suitable to combat the cellulitis.

For signs of Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn):
The ignos of Earth is usually too methodical, reserved, ritualistas and routine. To equalize the activity of the chakra that allow you to regulate those behaviors a rigid and obsessive point, anything better than elaborating an oleum adding to the base some drops of lavender essential oil. This aroma will impact directly on the solar plexus, where they are the emotional negative features, replacing them for a more open and less more distrustful attitude before the environment. Also, you will release to the natives of Earth of the moving descontroles that usually cause dysfunctions of the power supply and of the digestive system in general.
Plug-in: One can also add in the oleum you base, 3 drops of essential oil of white birch to diminish angers and intolerances. Your slightly diruetic share allows to delete the retention of liquids, ideal for people fats.

For signs of Water (Cancer, Escorpio and Pisces):
The signs of Water are characterized to be deeply moving. The cinnamon is one of the election aromas, since it will harmonize your emocines, you will diminish the ullage of self-esteem, as well as the fear and the shyness; at the same time that you will release to some natives of the bitterness and the interior closeness. Your share Yang will give anger but also balance.
Plug-ins: To fumigate with citric aromas, especially orange and also with nail of odor.

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