Believe sperm human starting from embryonal feminine cells

Already enough time ago, in 2005, the creation of human embryos was achieved without necessity of sperm, boosting in a human ovum the division like you happen in an embryo without the cell of the masculine sperm contributes genetic material some.

But I still find this new advance more surprising, a group of scientific of the University of Newcastle has been able to create cells of sperm human using embryonal feminine cells mother.

Initially, the investigators had already achieved the creation of primitive cells of sperm starting from masculine bone marrow but the really surprising thing is to achieve it without the masculine genus appears for any side. The proximate challenge, is to achieve it starting from feminine bone marrow that will be plainner and more practical than to create them starting from embryos.

You are still ignored if the cell of a woman's sperm could create a healthy descendant, don't maybe have the correct quantity of genetic material. This is deduced from tests carried out in mice, where of seven breedings obtained this way, one died and the other ones six had problems of health.

Therefore, for the moment we must worry the males of our paper in the fecundation, but for sure when the technique is perfected you will be a good notice for the couples of lesbians that soon will be able to have children that share the DNA of the couple's members.

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