They discover method to revert the memory leak

Canadian scientists discovered for accident a mechanism that could figure out the mysteries of the operation of the memory and to help in the treatment of some illnesses, as you publish the magazine Annals of Neurology.

The discovery happened when the scientists carried out a surgical exploration in the brain of a 50 year-old man in an attempt to reduce you the appetite and to neutralize your growing obesity. For it, they already used a technique successful of cerebral" "stimulation, in which electrodes are inserted and certain sectors are boosted by means of an electric petty imposition.

This cerebral stimulation is applied for more than ten years to treat a comprehensive range of dysfunctions, including the depression, Parkinson's wrong and other associated to the physical involuntary movement.

But, instead of losing the appetite, the man remembered with width particulars of events had happened for 30 years and the later tests demonstrated that you had increased in a considerable way your learning capacity. In moments in that it were carried out the process in the field of the linked hipotálamo with the sensation of the hunger, the man suddenly informed you that the memories were crowded together.

After this surprising fact, the technique is already applying in the treatment of patients of the wrong of Alzheimer, to see the results.

We are before an unusual fact, since it is the first time that are possible to raise the process of the memory from a person to which electrodes have been inserted in the brain. Also, those memories became clearer in the proportion in that you/they raised the stimuli.

According to the scientists, this fact provides us a bigger knowledge on the cerebral structures involved in the memory. Let us hope they can really open new hopes for the patients with illnesses neurodegenerativs.

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