Do You Know?

Do you know for that Jewish Easter always coincide with the Christian?
Jesus was Jewish, following the tradition went to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter (pesaj), you were when what we know as the last dinner took place and when ending the festejos they killed him.
From the Council of Nicea (325 d.C.) Easter of Resuscitation takes place following Domingo to the moon full with March (spring equinox) 21, or at the first that you have after that date. You are about a variable date that also determine all the movable dates of the liturgical year.

Which the longest word is?
Electroencephalogram has 23 letters and you are the longest word that he/she appear in the dictionary of the Actual Academy of the Tongue.

Do you know like the blind men dream?
The neurofisiólogos has checked that they should lapse at least five years from the forfeiture of the vision so that the brain acquires the setup encefalográfica of a blind person. This is due to that continue working systems of neurons during that first five year period that, well through the memory or by means of some channel, they make possible the arrival of stimuli to the field of the brain in charge of the vision, concretely to the back lobes of the skull.
On the other hand, each person dreams of agreement of your organization sensopercitiva, that is to say, depending from how you receive the stimuli. This is valid also for the blind men that pick up the sensations through other channels, as the hearing, the taste, the smell and the tact. The brain gathers the information of where you can. This way, in a blind person the dream accomodates the same sensations from birth, that when you are awake. He/she can dream that you play soccer or that you are in the field; but what feel, for example in this last case, you are how the grass is of wet or the fragrancy of the breeze that he/she receive your smell.
More problematic you are the analysis of the dream of those people that lost the view less than five years ago, because they can receive during the periods oníricos visual stimuli that probably extract of the memory. These images go demeaning with the time, and they lose color and articulation like an old picture. You have been observed, however that when you are about highly creative fellows, these end up conserving all your life both modalities of dream.
Do you know that you are and like you are formed the fog?
The fog is a meteorological consistent phenomenon in very low clouds, at level of the floor and formed by very petty particles of water in suspension. Most of the fogs takes place when evaporating the dampness of the floor, what cause the ascent of wet air that condense giving place to the formation of these low clouds when being cooled down. The fog bears the decrease of the conditions of visibility in surface. The dispersion of the light in the particles of water that they form the fog you favor the visibility in yellow wavelengths used in lighthouses and lights antiniebla.
The fog differs of the mist for your density like aerosol and giving a Visibility of less than 2 km. You are classified according to the origin of the cooling that gave origin to the condensation:
* Radiation fog: you happen after the setting of the sun, when the floor loses heat through the emission of infrared radiation in a cloudless (of being present, the clouds would avoid that the heat escapes to the space) night. Then, the cooled floor produces condensation in the near air to the floor, through the thermal conduction process. This type of fog is communio in autumn in the countries of temperate climate, you usually have a thickness of 1m (although the whirling can make that you rise, and you are of short duration.
* Fog of wind: you take place when masses of air loaded with dampness pass on cold floors, that which cool the same air. This phenomenon is communio in the costs, when the tropical lukewarm air meets with more waters of latitudes. You are also communio when a warm front moves on an area with a considerable quantity of snow.
* Fog of vapor: you are given when cold air moves on hotter waters. The vapor of the water enters in the atmosphere for evaporation processes, and the condensation is given when the point of dew is reached. This event is communio in polar areas, lakes of considerable size, and to the end of the autumn and start of the winter.
* Precipitation fog: you are when you rain, and the low air the cloud is relatively dry. This makes that the rain drops evaporate and form vapor of water that cool down, and when reaching the point of dew, you transform into fog.
* Hillside fog: you are formed when the wind blows against the hillside of a mountain or another geologic similar formation. When ascending in the atmosphere, the dampness condenses. You are for this reason that many times the mountainous summits appear cloudy.
* Valley fog: you are formed in the valleys, usually during the winter. You are investment outcome of temperature, caused by cold air that settle in the valley, while the air warm raisin above this and of the mountains. You are basically about radiation fog confined by an accident orográfico, and it can last several days, if the climate is I calm down.
* Fog of ice: you are any type of fog in which the drops of water are frozen in form of minuscule ice crystals. Usually, this requires of temperatures quite below the freezing point, that which make that they are common to arctic and antarctic areas. In occasions, petty quantities of these glasses throw to earth, like you happen in Barrow, Alaska. In having determined areas this fog it is known as dorondón or boira dorondonera.
Why do the roosters sing to the dawn?
The roosters, territorial birds, demonstrate your might by means of the strutting, the swell and bigger coloration of your juncture and the defiant songs. Attitudes that will carry out whenever they see inside your territory .o harassing some of your females - to another male rival. In a henhouse, space, in general of having reduced dimensions, any rooster nothing else to wake up goes in the obligation of demonstrating to the whole corral that continue being the dominant core; and if the silence doesn't answer to the defiant song, a fight, phonetics will come in the first place and physics next, with the vacuuming roosters to the seat of honor. For such a reason, you are not frequent to find several cores in oneself henhouse, unless you have enough hens to distribute.
As they are formed the physiques in the artificial fires?
All the devices that intervene in some artificial fires have two fundamental parts - apart from the stick or support -. One of them is the head propulsora that depending on the quantity of gunpowder, you make go up the rocket more or less. The other component is a realm (from among 50 and 350 mm) that accomodate in your interior different balls that, according to your composition, they will produce a color or another when bursting. These balls explode thanks to that you are a bag with wired gunpowder to the wick in the heart of the realm that contain them. The physiques that are formed depend on the allocation milimétrica of the color balls I jag of this realm. Most is already physiques mounted in China.

How are they formed the lines of colors in the pasta of teeth?
The operation of the two-colored pasta of teeth doesn't have a lot of mystery... once the trick is known.
Inside the tube of the dentifrice there is a petty deposit in turn with tiny holes where the colored pasta are.
When you crowd together the tube so that the dentifrice comes out, the white pasta passes to pressure by the means of the deposit, while the color pasta makes it through the holes, lining the product when exitting.
Although now it is habitual to see pasta of teeth of loud colors, the pioneer trademark in using this technique was Signal, in 1961.
Would you have a human clone the same prints dactilares that the original?
Some simplifications that are made when defining what a clone is they induce to error. According to the expert in transgénesis Lluis Montolíu: "A human clone would be a to be created starting from nuclear" DNA of a cell mother. In him "only the 98% of the individual's" genetic information travels; the remaining 2% of the genetic code comes from the cytoplasm, and in the shotgun technique technique it is not used. That is to say, two clones are different to each other in 2% of your genetic content.
Therefore, the scientists and experts prefer to speak of "animals reconstructed by nuclear" transfer that are more correct. In fact, genetically they are "more clonic" the twin monocigóticos for that both share as much the nuclear DNA as the citipoplasmático. But neither even so they have the same print dactilar, because in they influence it the environmental conditions, and these are never same for both.

Why do they stick the fingers to the ice?
The ices that we take out of the freezer are to a temperature of some below zero 20 centigrade grades. When we play them, we observe that our fingers usually stay pasted them. The scarce dampness that you are on the skin freezes instantly when you enter in contact with that congealed petty block and the water will only be able to detach them meetly.
That same you happen, although in a less accused way, when we play a cubitera inside with ices. And the effect is much more patent as much as better pipeline of the heat you are the material with which that cubitera has been manufactured. That is to say, the fingers are more pasted in one of metal that in other, for example, of plastic, and in this more than in a wooden one.

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