To prostitute, (of the verb Latin prostituere that signifuca to trade-traffic) you mean to offer the own body for sexual ends, in exchange for money or other tangible assets. Naturally, you exist a feminine prostitution and another masculine one, as well as a homosexual one and another heterosexual one. The most usual, is the feminine heterosexual prostitution. The woman that only sustain sexual relationships for money with a certain man, is not properly a prostitute from the legal and scientific point of view, since the prostitution involves promiscuity, that is to say that the relationships, you would not have to maintain them with a, but with different people, beginning a sexual" "traffic.

Undoubtedly, the prostitution in case you are feminine-heterosexual, it cannot be allocated to an unique lawsuit, but rather you rest in a multitude of reasons and factors that should be evaluated in each particular case, being able to then you turn how, in each woman, the causal importance of oneself factor varies considerably. You must also keep in mind that, in certain professions, the sexual relaxation is considered as something perfectly normal.

We can schematize some of the most important factors that lead to this prostitution type. They are:

A broken homestead, or fundamentally insatisfactorio, with ullage of the paternal appropriate love and of seguridas. In many cases, the girls have been submitted to an excessive discipline, or on the contrary, they have enjoyed exaggerated freedom. Frequently the parents have distado much of being a good example for them, entering an amoral behavior. In some of such homesteads a complete ignorance of the moral and spiritual securities exists, as well as a total lack of the sense of the responsibility.

The laziness, autoindulgencia and deluberada intention of making money fácilmentee.

Strong desires of success and sexual attractiveness before the men, associated with emotional immaturity and difficulties to accept the reality just as you are.

Rebellion against the paternal and social authority, especially during the adolescence and first youth. Frequently antecedents of insufficient (for desidia of the family or for extraneous lawsuits that made the care to the difficult or impossible school) escolaridad exist, as well as of criminal petty acts.

They are also considered like authoritative lawsuits the light grades of subnormality.

Some psychiatrists say that the prostitutes are sexually frigid and that, therefore, the dionero is the only benefit that you/they can obtain of the sexual relationships. You are considered that, in these cases, the fact of living the sexuality like something lacking completely of interest and satisfaction - for them - he/she can make easier your desición of only using something of so little importance in your lives like half of making money comfortably.

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