Let Us Talk About Sex and Curious Data

In a recent studio with 751 people in the Center of Sexual and Marital Studios of Long Beach, California, in U.S., the record of 134 feminine orgasms settled down in the course of one hour, while the most efficient in the males didn't pass of 16 orgasms.

The studios believe that the sexual activity favors the dream, partly due to the share of the hormones and the brain matters.

The population's 10% doesn't feel any type of attraction for any genus, neither masculine, neither feminine, that is to say, you are asexual. We go that don't get excited with the contact with other they are been of the sex that are.

On the average, a couple that want to have a son, uses 5 and a half months of sex without protection before being successful.

Feminine Curiosities
The ovum measures 0.14 millimeters on or about, size of an olive bone, and it can be visible to the human eye. You are the biggest cell in the human body.

The spermatozoa only take 5 minutes in arriving to the Fallopian tubes, but once there can take up to five days in fecundating an ovum.

In the women, you are three stages that should be completed before being able to arrive to the orgasm: I want (or libido), excitation (or erection) and dampness (lubrication) of the genital organs.

The woman to end up having an orgasm needs, in general, about 15 minutes, contrary to the man that usually arrive to the orgasm between 3 and 5 minutes.

In the woman, the excitation it can only last some minutes or different hours, and you begin between 10 and 30 seconds after having started the erotic stimulation.

Physically the woman experiences, during the excitation, the lubrication, expansion and increment of the vagina, the swelling of the biggest lips and smaller than the vagina, clitoris and breasts, acceleration of the heart beats, of the arterial pressure and of the respiration. Also, the muscles of the thighs, hips, hands and buttocks are tightened.

In an excitation, the clitoris you full with blood and you become erecto, bending your size. The vagina expands and the point G can end up being of the size of an almond.

In the Orgasm, the woman experiences, only lasting some seconds, a series of muscular involuntary contractions in the vagina, uterus and/or right that are very pleasant. The number and duration of these contractions depends on each woman. In this stage, the respiration speed, pulse and arterial pressure arrive to your maximum acceleration.

On the average, a couple that want to have a son, uses 5 and a half months of sex without protection before being successful. 1% of the women only arrives to the orgasm with the excitation of the nipples.

After the feminine orgasm, you take place a period of general relaxation that can last of 5 up to 60 minutes, returning the uterus and the clitoris to your free positions, and disappearing the redness of the skin and the swell of certain parts.

During this phase, some women can respond to additional stimulation after the orgasm, contrary to the man.

The lawsuit more common of sexual problems in the women, after the menopause, you have to do with an ullage of appropriate lubrication, being able to pay with the saliva, other artificial lubricants or you cremate with estrogens.

Each menstruation takes place, on the average, between 50 and 175 cc of blood and tissues. (among 1/4 and 3/4 of cup).

The ph of a vagina is among 4-5, that is to say, acid.

The point feminine G is part of your anatomy and you are a tissue that are in the front wall of the vagina, to on or about five centimeters of your entry. The focus of the maximum excitation is considered in the woman, being your size like that of a bean, although it can vary among women.

The woman when you arrive to the climax, or height of the excitation, he/she can ejaculate, ejecting a variable quantity of liquid through the urethra (you urinate) and/or of the vagina (clear or milky similar liquid to the produced one for the man).

The women that eat chocolate get excited more, when boosting in a more direct way the nervous completions.
"Vaginismo" is a term given to a strange but very annoying dysfunction that arise when the muscles around the aperture of the vagina, contract firmly when some object is inserted, as the penis, finger, or tampon. You are generally observed in the youngest women, and you often associate to emotional conditions.

5% of the women the allergic one to the semen. It you can solve with the preservative use. You have also been demonstrated that you are allergic men to your own semen.

The sexual therapists that treat the mature women that cannot reach an orgasm, believe that the same ones should begin to practice by means of the masturbation.

Masculine Curiosities
According to the Institute Kinsey, the maximum record of erection is of 33.02 cm and the pettiest in 6 cm.

The tribe Caramoja of the north of Uganda - like part of your tradition - you arrange an object weighed in the tip of the penis, so that you achieve a much bigger extension. The member has arrived to some, at the level of the knees.

The size world average of the penis when you are in state of flaccidity you are of 8.89 cm., 13 cm. when erecto are.

The American Indians have, on the average, the penis of more length in the world and the Poles have the biggest thickness.

In 1609, you were discovered in Bolognia (Italy) a man with two penises, from that moment it is known of 18 cases more than men with similar features. Some animals as the iguana, koalas and komodo dragons usually possess them.

60% of the men admits to have been masturbated at some time in your life. 54% of the men admits to masturbate once up-to-date. 41% of the men feels guilt when masturbating.

A man, of stocking, ejaculates around 7200 times in your life, 2000 of these are for masturbation.

The man has your stage of sexual bigger excitation in the very early mornings, during the autumn.

The flavor of the masculine semen depends in great measure of the person's diet. Some think that the diet of fishes and some flesh produce a flavor to butter or fish. The flavor of the semen after eating asparagus is the most unpleasant. Sour fruits and alcohol, they cause a pleasant and sweet flavor, for example: oranges, mango trees, kiwi, lemons, files, honey among other.

The man generates in all your life 53 liters of semen.

The time in that a man takes in undeleting your erection goes among the two minutes up to two weeks.

On the average an adolescent has around 11 erections per day, 5 of these are during the night.

The man can achieve an erection in less than 10 seconds.

The man's first erections are given in the last trimester of the pregnancy, when they are even fetuses.

The testosterone, hormone associated with the masculinity, is also taken place in less quantities by the women, and you are responsible for the sexual desire in both sexes.

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