Sew that You Didn't Know to Learn

Did you know that you are possible to make insecticide with lemons?
You are this way, this is achieved with the help of an extracted liquid of the lemon (citrus limonium), an oleum of your fresh shell of pale or green xanthic, volatile yellow color, soluble in alcohol and not very soluble in the water.
This oleum is also used as perfuming and saborizante in the alimentary industry, cosmetics, products of clean-up and until in odorants.

Did you know that the blind" "hen is played for about 2000 years?
According to data that are had of this infantile popular game, this well-known game generally as the blind" "hen, you were played more than 2,000 years recently in old Greece.
You were known with similar names in different parts of Europe, for example, in Germany he/she was known as Blinderkuh (you vacate you blind), in Italy he/she called himself fly cieca (blind fly), and in Sweden Blindbock (blind horse).

Did you know that the music in the work improves the productivity?
You are not about any joke. A studio has endorsed this thesis that "the music in the work improves the productivity."
A realized studio recently for the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom suggests that to hear music in the offices can improve the productivity and the state of the workers' spirit, since it allows to manage the well-being in the daily life.

Wise that the contamination can damage your brain?
If you breathe the fume that you/they say goodbye to the files maybe during one hour you don't only suffer a headache.
A recent investigation assures that still a petty exhibition to the gases emanated by the fuel can affect the form like the brain works.
According to the studio published in the magazine Particle and Fibre Toxicology (Toxicology of Particles and Fibers), the fume of combustion of the diesel induces a stress response in the brain activity.
Previous investigations had determined that the petty particles (called nanopartículas) that we breathe in the polluted air can arrive to the brain.
However, this is the first time that are possible to demonstrate in a studio that the inhalation of pollutants can alter the brain activity.

Did you know that taking 2 up-to-date cerevezas can reduce the risk of Alzheimer?
According to the conclusions of a studio entered by the physicians of the Department of Nutrition, Bromatología and Toxicology of the University of Alcalá of Hayfields (UAH) María José González and Isabel Meseguer
The work, titled "The beer like dietetic font of silicon and your protective effect in front of the intoxication for aluminum: you influence on the absorption and the buildup of this neurotoxic" metal, you have been carried out with experimentation animals, concretely mice, and you are not still in phase of human experimentation, the physician has explained to Meseguer.

Did you know that the fiber of the foods is not digested in the human body?
You are this way the dietetic fiber it cannot be digested by the human organism. This fiber is a group of components that you encunentra in the foods of vegetable origin, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and vegetables.
The one that the fiber cannot be digested is for that the organism doesn't count the enzymes that make this feature and they use it, however, although you cannot digest it directly, our intestine has the help of the bacterial flora that ferment the fiber and you decompose it in diverse elements: gases and fatty acids of short chain that exercise an important feature in our organism.

Did you know that the clepsydras are clocks of water that they were used in Egypt from 1400 AC?
You are this way, the clocks of water or clepsydras date of the Egyptian antiquity and they were used especially during the night, when the sundials lost your utility.
The first clocks of water consisted on a ceramic vessel that contained water until certain level, with a hole in the base of an appropriate size to assure the exit from the liquid to a certain speed and, therefore, at one time preset. The vessel prepared in your interior of different trademarks of such a luck that the level of water indicated the different periods, so much daily as nocturne.

Did you know that the vencejo common of Europe and can Asia last up to 3 years in the air?
You are this way, for that reason it is the bird that more time passes without stepping the earth. They can imagine up to 3 years without stepping the earth!.
Because well they are made to pass all your life in the air, they eat, they sleep and they copulate flying. As they make it? They are designed in that since way they have falciform wings, short queue of not very deep fork, very wide and big mouth finished off with a petty peak, blackish plumage with a white or gray petty portion under the peak, very short paws and tiny claws. And since your paws are weak tán you experience great difficulty in overcoming the flight when these birds for accident fall to the floor.

Why do you curl the hair with the dampness?
In the hair there are proteins, and these they are formed by amino acids. The amino acids would be as the links of the chain that it are the protein. This chain can establish stable unions among different links forming three-dimensional structures.
The amino acids contain atoms of sulfur. The atoms of sulfur can form bridges among different amino acids that you/they call themselves bridges disulfide.

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