The otitis is the illness more common of the hearing and you are about the inflammation of the same one that can affect the extraneous part, you mediate or you confine of this organ. According to the sector that the same one affects, the denomination of the otitis class that show up.

In the case of the extraneous otitis, they are represented by the processes that affect the pavilion headphone and the conduit extraneous aiditivu. They are characterized by the appearance of intense pain, particularly when pressing or to move the pavilion headphone, and even when making movements with the mouth: to masticate, to swallow, etc.

As you are bigger or pettier the grade of the inflammation that affect the external auditory canal, the otitis can go accompanied by a certain grade of deafness, caused by the inflammation experienced by the walls of the conduit that obstruído appears.

If the inflammatory process advances, despés will appear the supuración that one manifests for a serosity and even for true pus that fill the external auditory canal and you ooze for him, staining the patient in this case the pillow, as well as the hair or the cotton pellets that usually arrange in the entry of this conduit and that frequently they forget there, transforming then into a foreign body with the complications that such a status can carry.

Now then, the otitis stockings, like you indicate your name, they are those that affect the half hearing. They can be classified in two big groups: acute and chronic. In first o'clock, that is to say the acute ones, the predominant symptoms are the pain and the deafness, accompanied in many occasions of fever; they can also show up acúfenos or buzzes of hearing of different type (beeps of type pulsátil, whistles, stream of vapor, etc.), as well as, not always, a sensation of instability or slight insecurity that it constitute the symptom called vertigo.

The half acute otitis, if you are not quickly, you will produce supuración and, like in some extraneous otitis, you also here flow of the extraneous hearing a white xanthic liquid that stain the cottons and the pillow.

The leading cause of this supuracuión resides in a nasal infection that for via tubal, that is to say, for the Eustachian tube that communicate the nasal graves with the tympanic box or half hearing, it is transmitted at this last. The appearance of this supuración indicates that the drum membrane or eardrum that it are kind of a diaphragm that separate the extraneous hearing of the half hearing, have been perforated, and you are then, in general, when the acute pain that the patient entered usually disappears.

The otitis interns, they also receive the laberinitis name, since in this case the inflammation resides in the interior hearing or labyrinth. In general they constitute a sequel of the otitis stockings festered chronicles, to those that when not being treated properly, they affect the interior hearing. Your main symptoms are: the supuración, the deafness, the hearing buzzes and the vertigo.

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