The PC says if you are Beauty or Ugly

Are you pretty? You are no longer necessary that this question responds her to you friends or family that cannot leave of being partial, now you can obtain a much more neuter and more objective opinion: that of a computer.

The attainment owes it to Amit Kagian, a student of the university of Tel Aviv, in Israel that have designed a programa able to determine what women they are beautiful starting from a picture of your face, as you pick up today the local newspaper "Haaretz."

"Our software allows to the computer to carry out complex tasks of aesthetic" judgments, your designer explains.

According to him, "the aesthetic judgments are together to the feelings, to abstract considerations, but now we have procured that a computer makes" them, what "constitute a substantial advance in the development of the artificial intelligence."

The original software allows that the computer distinguishes, starting from a picture, among 98 variables that represent the geometric form of the face, the hair color, the softness of the skin and the facial building-out network.

But the verdicts that it emit the machine have as terminus a quo the human judgment, since the programa has "learned how" to detect the beauty through the appraisal that thirty entrants have made of dozens of pictures that later on have been analyzed mathematically.

Once inserted all these data in the computer, new pictures were inserted and the capacity of the apparatus was sampled to define in what grade the women that appeared in the images were beautiful.

The computer jerarquizó general ledger's pictures to pettier beauty with the information that you prepared while, on the other hand, different people also put note to the new faces in feature of your attractiveness.

"The computer produced impressive results: the classification went very similar to the one that had given people", Kagian assures who have published your conclusions in the magazine "Vision Research."

The discoveries of this experiment indicate that the considered most attractive faces are the "most regular", that is to say, those that lack facial extreme features.

For the investigator the biggest attainment in your programa is that you get that the computer doesn't only act with the notions of beauty that were inserted you in a first moment, but with those that he/she have gone "learning how" when processing the received information on the images appraised by the entrants.

"You are variable of those that people are not conscious and they were not programmed explicitly in the computer, but the machine operated according to them", you explain.

At the moment, the software has only been developed to determine the beauty of women since you are less unanimity regarding the qualities that determine the masculine attractiveness.

The men will should, because, to wait a little more to have your digital version of the magic famous mirror of the story of Snow White that he/she tell you the pretty ones that they are.

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