The Sex Determines the Food

A studio carried out in 14.000 Americans determined that they prefer the flesh and the shellfish, while they lean for the fruits, vegetables and yogurts

WASHINGTON (AFP).- One of the biggest surveys that have been made lately about human health, determined in your first conclusions that men and women differ in your dietary habits.

The first prefer the flesh, while they opt for the fruits and the vegetables, according to an alimentary realized studio between May of 2006 and April of 2007 among 14.000 American adults.

The differences in the alimentary preferences of the two sexes have been on in evidence in the first survey carried out by the nutritional organization Foodnet, a network of surveillance of illnesses related with the foods.

"We have picked up such a variety of data that we consider interesting to see if they really existed differences between men and women as regards power supply", the physician explained to Beletshachew Shiferawa, epidemiologist and main author of this work, entered in the International Conference on Infectious Emergent, celebrated Illnesses this month in Atlanta.

Alimentary habits. "This is, as we believe, the realized biggest studio on the differences of alimentary habits between men and women", added. To the entrants they were asked what they habitually ate, included the usage of foods of risk, as flesh little cooked.

These investigators have discovered that the men prefer, with more frequency, to consume flesh, mainly of veal, pig and duck, as well as certain shellfish, as oysters and shrimps.

On the other hand, the women more frequently choose the vegetables, mainly carrots and tomatoes. They also have a marked inclination for the fruits, mainly strawberries, apples, blueberries and raspberries

The women also prefer the dry fruits, as the almonds and the nuts. On the contrary that the men, are also attracted by you the eggs and the yogurts.

Eat of risk. On the other hand, the investigators observed which your behavior was before six alimentary products with risk of producing some infection. This way, they had to choose among not very cooked hamburger, raw or not very cooked eggs, raw oysters, milk without pasteurizing, cheese also made of milk without pasteurizing and alfalfa buds.

The men with balance of probabilities would eat not very cooked hamburger and raw eggs, while the women that the women prefer the alfalfa buds.

According to the experts that carried out this studio, the results can be important for the inspectors of Sanity since when understanding the alimentary differences between men and women, he/she can help to create healthy new strategies.

The fruits and vegetables are the favorite of the women when establishing an alimentary diet

The roasted one is one of the favorite foods of the men, while the fruits and vegetables, of the women

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